Meet Matheebikaa

For Matheebikaa, getting a new laptop to complete her assignments was a memorable and exciting experience. It was the first laptop in her household. Before that, she usually used her phone for her school projects. “Receiving this new laptop from the Program takes away all the stress, now I can go home to do my work instead of spending time commuting to the library.”

When she got selected for the ComKids program, she didn’t know what to expect. During her “Lead & Learn” sessions with her fellow participants at her school, she was happy with how comfortable she felt with others facilitating the Program. “I felt like I can talk to them a lot. She told us what we are not supposed to do on internet. She was very nice and explained clearly.”

More and more schools are using technology on a daily basis and for students, access is so important. As a lot of education and curriculum turn toward using digital platforms, it is important to equip students with as many resources as possible to ensure their success.

Matheebikaa grew up among family working in the healthcare industry. With her mom as a hardworking nurse and her close cousin and mentor being a doctor, she always felt encouraged by their pursuits. Learning more about the field growing up from them, she feels passionate for medicine and wants to be a doctor in the future as well. “Thank you ComKids for this opportunity and providing me this tool for my learning, I appreciate it so much.”