Meet Leanna

The use of technology nowadays allows us to have information at our fingertips in the blink of an eye. For Leanna, it was a little more difficult not having access to a computer at home before the Program. “I had a broken computer, and the only access to technology was my phone, which was hard to use for school.” Fortunately, she was able to participate in the ComKids program, and now she can use her Chromebook to do her homework and finish her school projects.

As soon as the students join the Program, they take part in “Lead & Learn” sessions. Through her interactions with others participating in the Program at her school, Leanna was able to build a closer bond with her peers and Program facilitators. “They were very nice and funny, and very helpful.”

Leanna’s caring heart and personable character helped her choose a dream career path for herself early on. After finishing high school, Leanna would like to continue into her post-secondary studies and become a doctor in the future. Having access to technology will now allow her to research more as she prepares for a career in healthcare, complete her work with high-quality, and become a tech-savvy individual to support her future studies.