Meet Frank

Frank has always been interested in computers and programming. With a love for science and technology, one of his goals in the future is to become a computer engineer. Before joining the ComKids program, he had limited access to technology. At home, he needed to share the only computer with his family which would cause him to lose time to complete his work.

Fortunately, now with his new Chromebook, Frank has technology at his fingertips. He loves to research, explore, develop analytical skills and can do his homework now at any time. “If I get homework, I can go home, turn on the computer, get it done faster and save my work.”

During Frank’s “Lead & Learn” sessions, he enjoyed learning new skills and engaging with the Program facilitators and other students in meaningful conversations.

In a world that is constantly changing, technology has a strong presence in everyday life. Being able to take part in this Program will help students receive access to information, develop new ways of learning, meet new people and support their future goals.