Meet Adrian

Using technology wasn’t anything new for Adrian; however, before joining the program he had a hard time having access to a computer for classes. “With the new Chromebook I received from ComKids, I’m able to bring it to school to do work; it’s smaller and fits in my bag, so I can access technology anywhere”. Now, if Adrian has online assignments, he can use his Chromebook and if it is not online, he can take notes to do research.

Adrian really enjoy attending the lunchtime “Lead & Learn” sessions during the Program. There they learn how to upload photos, videos, navigate the web safely and effectively, and much more. The purpose of those sessions is to build engagement with the students and foundational digital literacy skills. The time spent learning, playing games, discussing new ideas and becoming more aware about cyber safety makes time special for the student.

After finishing his studies, Adrian wants to work for a technical repair shop as he loves working with machines and likes to fix computers.

Your support of the ComKids program bridges the digital divide and helps students reach their potential.